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// A space for our readers in different cities to meet, write and read together ~

The Pod wrote about 

finding our own spaces 

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Mysticeti's pod is meeting on the 26th of February (Sunday) from 11am to 12pm for some impromptu writing and live doodling! To get an idea about the kind of things we do in the pod, please read this feature or go through the pod highlight on our Instagram page.


The session will be facilitated by Stuti Sareen (curator and founder, Mysticeti) and Anushree Joshi (sketch note artist). 

Fill in the form below to save a spot (or two). We will be closing the registration after five confirmations. 

The Pod wrote about 

objects and memories

As a part of the session, participants will spend time doing some impromptu writing on the theme of 'objects and memories' and narrate their writings to a small group of people. Selected writings will also be published in the form of a zine or series on our website.

You do not need to be a published writer in order to participate in the workshop.

The session will be facilitated by Stuti Sareen (editor and curator). Learn more about our community here.

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Location: Under a dome in Delhi (Lodhi Garden)

Prompt: Objects and memories

Date: 9th October (Sunday)

Time: 5:00pm-6:00pm

Get a free pass for a plus 1 with your registration!

Illustration by Shipla Sivaraman

The Pod wrote about 

belonging and escape

The pod met a group of five aspiring writers and spent a few minutes writing on the theme of 'belonging and escape'. Take a moment to observe this live doodle we made during the session (by Anushree Joshi, sketch note artist). Can you guess the different forms of escape shared by the participants?

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The Pod wrote about 

rivers and memories

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In April'22, Mysticeti's Pod met on a boat in Banaras to do some impromptu writing about the relation between senses, rivers and memories. We collaborated with Armatuer (our favourite candle studio) to come up with some fun writing prompts for readers who are able to join us on the boat. Watch the Pod highlight on our Instagram for updates.

The Pod

meets online

Mysticeti's Pod began as a space for readers to share thoughts through creative writing and doodles. Check out our mini-newsletters from 2021~ to catch up on the highlights.

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Every few months, Mysticeti curates Leap Out - an experience for our readers to pause, reflect and write.


This time we are discovering new music, going for a long walk and finding a home for our words in the streets.

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