W R I T E    W I T H    M Y S T I C E T I

// Open calls ~


Open Call for Writers 

Mysticeti is inviting writers to share short stories, art reviews, travel journals and diary entries.

Contributing writers are paid upon publication.


Let's Talk Art

Mysticeti loves to have conversations with artists from different fields and regions in Let’s Talk Art. These are usually in the form of short personal interviews that focus on sharing the artist’s creation and inspiration. Click here to visit Mysticeti's Let's Talk Art space.


Fill in this form if you would like to have a conversation about your art with Mysticeti. Our team will get in touch with you.

Pitch your idea to us at if you are a writer and would like to publish your interview with an artist in Let’s Talk Art.


Pitch your story

Mysticeti would love to hear your story ideas. Write to us at and our team will get in touch with you. Please do not include a full draft at this stage.


Little Mysticeti

Little Mysticeti is a literary magazine for children below 16 to explore and share their creative potential. Visit Little Mysticeti to know more.



Share your expressions 

Every quarter, Mysticeti features one visual or sonic writing prompt in Expressions, and invites readers to share words inspired by the prompt. Upto ten writings are selected and published. 

// Get mentoring and
story building support ~


Share your writing for editing and feedback support from Mysticeti

Mysticeti aims to create an open space for aspiring writers to explore and share their creative potential. A way in which we do this is by providing editing and feedback support for short stories and poems.

Submit this form with your full draft


Storybuilding with Mysticeti

Write to us at if you have a story to share and need help writing it. Our team will write it with you.