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A space for readers to share thoughts inspired by Mysticeti's writing prompt

Belonging and escape mysticeti magazine.JPG

Belonging and escape

Words from an impromptu writing and doodling session.
Mysticeti Magazine_Anoushka Khan_Still Life.gif

Still life

Expressions about love, isolation, memory and loss.
Preksha Artwork_Mysticeti.png

To look towards

Expressions about hope and happiness.

Brief escape from time

Expressions about mysticism and liberation.
AHH bloom playlist .JPG

Dreaming in nostalgia

Expressions about coming-of-age and nostalgia.
winter winter shashwat bulusu.png

The monotony of loss

Read expressions about accepting loss and learn more about this beautiful painting.

Newness of being

Expressions about nature and love.

Letters to our younger selves

Expressions about day dreaming and innocence.
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