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M E E T    M Y S T I C E T I

Mysticeti is a supportive community for artists of diverse backgrounds and ages. We design initiatives that nurture the creative potential of individuals and provide a platform for showcasing their works.

// Mysticeti is working towards ~

Creating an inclusive space where artists can connect and collaborate.


Offering a platform for

showcasing unique voices

and creations.

Supporting artists in realising their creative potential.

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// Mysticeti's initiatives ~

Centre for Art and Storytelling

CAS is a vibrant hub in the heart of Varanasi, offering dedicated areas for reading, creating, and everything in between! Initially launched with Mysticeti's partner schools in December 2023, this unique Center, tailor-made for children, is set to open its doors to the public by the end of 2024.

Mysticeti's Magazine

Mysticeti's Magazine is a space for aspiring writers and independent artists to share their work. The magazine's publishing process is designed to be inclusive and accessible to writers of all ages and backgrounds. It offers free mentoring and editing support with the sole objective of sharing unique stories and creations.

Little Mysticeti

Little Mysticeti is Mysticeti's dedicated space for children. Collaborating with primary schools and child development initiatives, it designs sessions aimed at inspiring children to express their hopes, adventures, and ideas through art and storytelling.

The Pod

The Pod is Mysticeti's group for reading and writing, meeting online and in person whenever the members feel like it. It started in 2020 as a safe space for people from different parts of India to connect. Whether it's sharing ways to cope or just taking a break from worries to read and write together, The Pod is all about coming together and enjoying the love of books and writing.

// Features and collaborations ~

The New Yorker

A note about a book from Mysticeti's library.

The Museum of Art and Photography, Bangalore

1 A personal essay about an art form.

2 Art sessions facilitated with children. 

The Hindu

A sensory storytelling collection created by Mysticeti for an independent art studio.


Maple - Mysticeti's sensory storytelling collection, featured as among the top 10 design-forward creations.

A Humming Heart

A short story that personifies the role of music in coping with different phases of life.

Culinary Institute of America

Field notes about a food anthropologist's observations of the kitchen.

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