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M E E T    M Y S T I C E T I

Mysticeti is an accessible and experimental space for storytelling. It is building a community of artists from different fields who believe in exploring and sharing their creativity.

// Mysticeti empowers independent voices, shares free expressions, and connects creative spaces by ~

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Expressing different forms of art to build a platform for creative thinkers

Creating an open space for aspiring writers by providing them with personalised feedback and editing support 

Realising the collective power of storytelling with members of underrepresented communities and groups

// Mysticeti represents the collective values and interests of artists in ~

Listening Room: a safe and accessible space for underrepresented communities and groups to share perspectives.


Evoke: a spontaneous and inspiring space for artists to share their work, and engage with creative thinkers from different fields and regions.

Free Form: an unrestricted and nurturing space for aspiring writers to share thoughts on any topic and theme.

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Little Mysticeti: a space for children to explore and share their creative potential.



Mysticeti's stories and initiatives have been featured by ~

The New Yorker

A vignette about a book from Mysticeti's bookshelf

The Museum of Art and Photography, Bangalore

A personal essay about an art form and art sessions facilitated with the children

The Hindu

A sensory storytelling collection that Mysticeti created for an independent art studio


Sensory storytelling collection featured as one of the top design-forward creations

A Humming Heart

A short story that personifies the role of music in coping with different phases of life

The Alipore Post

A memoir about coming-of-age during the Second World War in India and Pakisitan

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