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Kauri (Centre for Art & Storytelling by Mysticeti) is a space for children (7+) to explore various interests, share their creations, and meet artists from diverse backgrounds.

Schedule a visit to Kauri and spend time at our library, garden, community hall, art studio, and dramatics room!

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Kauri's Children's Library features a curated collection of books from independent and international publishers. Our diverse selection covers themes such as identity, nature, people, and places, spanning genres from fiction and folk tales to non-fiction. Members enjoy exclusive access to the library, where young readers can discover unique stories and explore new worlds.
Frequency: Weekly/Bi-Weekly
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Kauri's Art Studio is an inspiring open space designed to foster creativity in children. Equipped with art supplies for independent use, the studio encourages young artists to explore and create freely. Members will learn various drawing techniques, be introduced to different artists and art forms, and discover how to express their thoughts and ideas through art. 
Frequency: Weekly/Bi-Weekly
Kauri's Garden is a space where children can spend time reflecting in the lawn, learn the basics of gardening, and discover various kinds of plants. This garden provides a hands-on, educational experience, fostering a deep connection with nature. 
Frequency: Weekly
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Kauri's Mindfulness sessions encourage children to engage in yoga, journaling, and meditation. These sessions promote inner peace, self-awareness, and emotional well-being through guided practices. 
Frequency: Weekly
Kauri's Creative Expressions Workshop Series incorporates storytelling activities that empower children to become more aware about themselves, and express their thoughts, aspirations, and ideas. The sessions nurture their imagination, curiosity and creativity and help the children develop a stronger sense of individuality.
Frequency: Monthly Workshop Series (4-6 days/month)
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Kauri's Performing Arts Sessions offer learning opportunities for dance, music, and instruments. Children can learn art of Kathak, forms of contemporary dances, and vocal music training. They can also learn to play the instruments such as guitar under the guidance of skilled instructors. 
Frequency: Weekly/Bi-Weekly
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Kauri's Pottery Basics Workshop Series will include hands-on sessions covering techniques such as hand-building, wheel throwing, and glazing. Under guided instruction, young participants will learn to shape clay into unique pottery pieces.
Frequency:  Monthly Workshop Series (4-6 days/month)


1. Fill out this registration form.

2. After you press the 'Payment' button below, you will be redirected to the payment page to complete your registration. The sessions and workshops listed on the payment page are updated based on availability.

3. Select the sessions and workshops that you are most interested in by clicking on the + button.

4. Go to the cart (top right corner) and complete the registration process using your preferred payment method.

Note: (1) The registration will be renewed on a monthly basis. (2) You may call 9919002884 for any queries.

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After you press the 'Payment' button below, you will be redirected to the payment page to complete your registration. The sessions and workshops listed on the payment page are updated based on availability.
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View updates from an exciting series of workshops by the Museum of Art & Photography (MAP Bengaluru), The Alipore Post, Ita Mehrotra, Stuti Sareen, and Anushree Joshi. Over the course of two weeks, participants created poems, short stories, impromptu skits, stop-motion films, and artworks.
1. Host a variety of events for all ages at Kauri, including book launches, storytelling sessions, community events, and art galleries. 

2. Facilitate workshops at Kauri. We welcome workshops from diverse fields and for all age groups. 

3. Collaborate with Kauri to facilitate storytelling and art sessions for children at your organization. 

Message us at to explore these opportunities.
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