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Little Mysticeti is a space for children to share and explore their hopes, adventures, and ideas through art and storytelling.


Voice your aspirations and inspire a sense of positivity towards your future

Share curiosities to nurture your spirit of adventure and learning


Exchange ideas to shape initiatives led by your generation

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Little Mysticeti ~


Share your words with Little Mysticeti 

Open call for children between the age of 6 to 13 years

Write a story or poem about your dreams, adventures and ideas. Mail your draft at to get editing and publishing support from our team. We read submissions throughout the year and there are no limits on the theme and format.


Participate in a creative session by Mysticeti

For children between the age of 6 to 13 years

Reach out to us at for participating in an online or in-person session designed by Mysticeti. Visit this page to get a peek into some of our sessions.


Collaborate with Mysticeti

For child development initiatives and primary schools

Reach out to us at for co-designing activities for the children in your community.


Our projects range from publishing books (such as this limited-edition activity book made with the children of Kenzen School in Varanasi) to co-facilitating sessions (such as this art workshop with the Museum of Art and Photography in Bangalore).

Try these activities ~

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Mysticeti's stories and initiatives have been featured by ~

The New Yorker

A vignette about a book from Mysticeti's bookshelf

The Museum of Art and Photography, Bangalore

A personal essay about an art form and art sessions facilitated with the children

The Hindu

A sensory storytelling collection that Mysticeti created for an independent art studio


Sensory storytelling collection featured as one of the top design-forward creations

A Humming Heart

A short story that personifies the role of music in coping with different phases of life

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