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The first issue of Little Mysticeti was written with children between the ages of 6-10 years during online story building sessions in 2021. Scroll down to read the dreams, adventures and ideas of a few children for healing and helping our planet.

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Little Big Dreams ~

Not so Far

By Sambhav, Age 6

Sambhav shares his hope for the world to heal.

I am a little boy

and I am living in joy.


But one day, a big beast called Corona came,

and left the whole world in pain.


Everything became far:

school is far,

playground is far,

you are far,

and I am far.


But I know that

God is not far.

She is in all of us.

And so, we will win

over this sin.

Be helpful, strong and safe,

and one day we will meet again.


Be Thankful for being Free

By Laya, Age 9

Laya’s hope for growing up in a country where everyone chooses peace over violence towards human and plant lives.

Let us promise not to cut trees,

and keep our environment pollution free.


After all, we lost so many lives

as we strived to rise.


Islam, Christianity, Hinduism -

all religions showed patriotism.


Respect our country,

and celebrate our big victory.

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Little Big Adventures ~

Floating with birds

By Ula, Age 10

Ula shares her adventure of feeding big birds while boating in river Ganga.

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One day in January, I went with all my cousins to river Ganga in Varanasi. It was a very sunny day even though it was winter. So, I decided to wear my scarf, jacket and cap even though I do not like caps. It was going to be the first time I was going to see river Ganga. When I saw the huge river, I was amazed and scared at the same time.

I ran down the brown coloured stone stairs and stood right next to the river for a few minutes. After some time, a boatman picked us up and we jumped into his wooden orange and white coloured boat. I stopped being scared after a few minutes of floating on the boat. There were many big and white birds with orange beaks flying all around us and some birds even matched the color of our boat. My uncle told me that they were called Siberian birds.

There was also a bird with broken wings that could not fly so my uncle and the boatman rescued it. I think that the bird is flying somewhere in Siberia now.

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Little Big Ideas ~

Just like you

By Vanni, Age 9

Vaani’s message to respect and love trees.

I know I can’t speak

but this is all true.

I cry, play and love.

I have feelings

just like you.

I know I don’t look

or talk like you.

But if you choose to see,

I have feelings

just like you.

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Nakul learns from Astronauts

By Yuvan, Age 7

Through this story, Yuvan shares his ideas for making our planet blue.

Once upon a time, there lived a boy named Nakul. He was not a naughty boy but he wasted a lot of food and he polluted our Earth.

One day, astronauts were looking at Earth from their space station and noticed that our planet had become very dirty. So, they decided to take their space craft and fly to Earth for cleaning it. After a few months, they reached Earth.  

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When they reached Earth, they saw that Nakul was throwing an empty packet of juice in the playground. The astronauts showed Nakul a picture of our Earth that they had taken from their space station. In the picture, some parts of our planet were looking less blue. The astronauts told Nakul that our planet was becoming less blue because many people were wasting food and polluting Earth like Nakul.

From that day, Nakul stopped polluting Earth and told his friends to do the same. With the astronauts and his friends, Nakul is making our Earth blue again.

All Illustrations are by Jishnnu B

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