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Milk Teeth And Yellow Ducks With Shantanu Pandit

July 2021

Take a walk with Shantanu and spot yellow ducks in Delhi.

Shantanu’s music has been described as an uncomfortable insight into the mundane, the momentous, and the morose. His reflective and simple lyrics allow listeners to relate with him while feeling closer to their selves.


A few weeks ago, Shantanu announced the release of his debut album, Milk Teeth, which he describes as a ten-song-long journey that will take listeners through experiences of betrayal, coming of age, mortality, and permanence.

Join our conversation with Shantanu as he releases Do U Know, his second single from Milk Teeth.

Listen to Do U Know

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Milk Teeth and Yellow Ducks with Shantanu Pandit.png

Illustration by Ishani Kamat



Milk Teeth, debut album, releasing on 13 August 2021

Do U Know, second single from Milk Teeth, July 2021

Aliza don’t count on me, lead single from Milk Teeth, June 2021

Morning Mourning, side-project on melancholic sonics, 2018

Run it's the Kid , Shantanu's moody waltz band, 2016

Skunk in the Cellar, solo EP, 2014



We have grown up with your songs - from believing in innocent love with The Climb to doubting ourselves with Being Somebody, and accepting our self-centered living with Aliza don’t count on me. We would love to learn more about how your expression has become free and unfiltered over the past seven years.


I’m glad my songs could be of service to you! Writing has become more of a cathartic activity for me over the years. I don’t keep a journal or reflect too much in my day-to-day. So, when I write I tend to look inwards and try to deal with what I’m feeling.


Some of your songs are about thoughts we usually struggle accepting, with a childlike composition and setting. It’s a unique and almost confusing combination that makes us want to replay songs like Do U Know (we are playing it for the 100th time since its release today). What has inspired this beautifully confusing combination?


I don’t know. I guess it makes it easier to say difficult stuff if you make it sound like it’s coming from a child.


In the past, you have mentioned connecting with your childhood through your songs. Could you elaborate a bit on this? We would love to know about some memories or experiences that continue to reflect in your songs.


There’s magic in everyone’s recollection of anything. Especially when you look as far back as childhood. At least with me, I feel like that time was pure magic, and I draw a lot of inspiration from there.


Both Morning Mourning's - Is This Biodegradable (2018) and Milk Teeth (2021) were released during years of crises. How have your songs been influenced by this?


By the time my songs come out, they’re already a couple of years old if not more, at least that’s how it’s been till now. So as far as these two records are concerned there’s no influence from any collective crises. Maybe a couple of years from now there might be something.


Where do you write your songs? We would love to know details like the stationery you use and what your writing space looks like.


I write anywhere, all over the place really. I have a couple of notebooks. Those leather ones with handmade paper. Mostly gifts from a person I used to know. I like blue ballpoint pens because I press really hard. Reynolds fine carbure. Also those press in, press out pens that are fun to fidget with. Cheaper the better. 


Lately, I’ve been writing on my phone more, which I’m not too fond of but it is what it is.


Tell us more about the yellow duck in Milk Teeth’s cover. Where can we find it?



There are two yellow ducks - both in Vasant Kunj, Delhi. The original one that we used for all the earlier rough takes is in C-9 and the one on the cover is in the DDA sports complex opposite D-2. I tried to buy it off them but the resident welfare association of C-9 refused to sell it. 


Is the skunk still in the cellar?


I have no idea.


A message you would like to share with your listeners


Take care of your stomach and don’t waste water.

About Mysticeti’s friends

Shantanu Pandit is a singer-songwriter based in Delhi. Since 2011, he has spent ten years honing his craft, either as a solo musician, a founding member of seminal Delhi four-piece Run it's the Kid, or the spaces in between.

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Pagal Haina aims to spread joy through the simple act of sharing music. With roots firmly grounded in artist development, community building and fan engagement, Pagal Haina's strength lies in discovering, nurturing, and empowering artists with an eye on global reach.

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Ishani Kamat is a textile designer. She loves materials, graphics, and prints.

Stuti is Mysticeti's founding member.

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