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leap out 

and find your writer


Spend a week with Mysticeti to find your writer - share imperfect words, imagine living in stories, make your own literary cocktail and come up with a story idea!


free your expression

1 Watch Winter Winter by Shashwat Bulusu (on repeat)

2 Write whatever comes to your mind

3 Mail Mysticeti your writing (it does not need to be perfect) by 15th October 

4 Up to ten selected writings will get published by Mysticeti 


evoke your senses


Live in stories from autumn with Armatuer's sensory storytelling collection - smell old books, go in a forest, climb a hill, read under the trees, collect leaves in a basket, spend a day at the library, have cookies from a jar and more!


inspire your writer

mysticeti sun.png

1 Touch the sun and find your inspiration sheet 

2 Take a print out and go to your favourite park

3 Fill it in (don't overthink it!)

4 Mail us the story idea you come up with. We will build selected stories with you.


drink in literature

literary cocktail_toolkit.png

We scribbled this literary cocktail toolkit with Srishti from The Culinary Institute of America. Make your own cocktail and message us the recipe on Instagram (@mysticetimagazine)!

conceptulised and curated by Stuti


Shashwat Bulusu is a singer-songwriter, producer and visual artist from Baroda. Since 2011, he has been steadily releasing an often dizzying array of musical narratives in both Hindi and English. 

Armatuer works with handicraft communities to create earth friendly inventive decor. It has been featured by Harper Bazaar, Grazia, Homegrown among others.

Srishti Sareen is a student at The Culinary Institute of America. She loves the smell of freshly baked bread, roasted meat and fried potatoes.

Neharika Gupta is a fiction author, poet and lifestyle writer based on Delhi. Her debut novel, Adulting was published by HarperCollins. She spends most of her time writing and mentoring aspiring writers.

illustrations by Tejal and Jishnnu

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