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Letters to our younger selves

August 2021


Doodle by Rohini Kejriwal (@ro.doodles)

LOOKING AT CLOUDS by Elizabeth Hasan

I have looked at clouds

from various windows,

rooms, hallways, and cities -

but none were as interesting

as what I used to see

from that classroom

hiding behind the trees.

We sat on the third floor

while the clouds hid

along the window grills,

playing peek-a-boo was their favorite, and

daydreaming was my thrill.

They were like water -

took the shape of my mind’s

fantasy, until the science teacher

bonked me on the head

and scolded, ‘They are made of water,

You stupid!’

If they are made of water,

then tell me -

why, on gray-colored afternoons

they look like my grandma?

And why, on honey-colored evenings

the clouds look like samosa?

Why do they look like the boy

who ignored me on purpose?

Why do they look like the memories

I forgot cause of life’s rush?

For a long time, the clouds

were black, either passing by

or non-existent; even though

bright shone the blue sky.

For a long time,

clouds lost their meaning

even as I gazed afar.

But these days I can make out

an ice cream or a friend,

and I know

it’s not over yet, so far.

RECEESSES by Rubica Kler

i see calm

you see an outline

i see hope

you see an eel perched on a cloud

i see a smile

you see a flat line


Disposition is a funny thing.


Where you see the sky

i see the recesses 

of my mind.

 SEAL AWAY by Shreya Jain

Every month, Mysticeti features an artwork and invites our readers to share words inspired by it. 

In August 2021, we wrote thoughts inspired by this lovely doodle on the clouds ~

i am floating in the sky

for the very first time

spreading my flippers

i don't need a slipper


the air is brushing my whiskers

the clouds make my silhouette

i am looking up and forward

no more baggage to carry around


I trembled at the sight of dark cloudy skies but only later I realized they were bles'seal' in disguise

DISGUISE by Kamali Ganpathy



My tired brain spends another morning sleeping through my alarm. As I rush through my morning ritual, I look up at the blue sky from my balcony and realise that I’ve missed a beautiful rainy morning. I feel a bit, well, blue. So, I decide to cling to one happy memory. 

I’m ten years old and lounging on the grass with my two best friends. My hands are tucked behind my head and I’m staring at clouds while my mind is finding shapes where there seem to be none. 


I decide to recreate this memory from my balcony. For a while, I see nothing but the blue sky and shapeless clouds. As I continue looking up, the chatter from the past few months begins to fade till I finally spot a playful seal smiling down at me - its silver outline akin to fluffy crochet.


Maybe if I stop being so ‘sky blind’, things might just turn out to be okay. 

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