4.10 Open Water
 Uprooted Footprints

Words by Ayush Banerjee
November 2021

Lines about a crime against the natural state of being.

There lies,
a faded green bed
of emerald grass
having lost their shine.

Sticking out with edges
sharper than a knife,
they shed tears
for the lilies.

The still lilies.

Her daring bloom
is buried under
the hunter’s hefty shoe marks
that warn of looming terror.

Her buds bear the staunch memory
of the hunter’s eyes
that had stared at her
with grotesque temptation.

As her roots continue to give life
to the uninhabitable soil.

uprooted footprints

Illustration by Jishnnu B

About Mysticeti's friend:

Ayush Banerjee 
is an aspiring writer from Calcutta. Uprooted Footprints was shortlisted for Whistle with Mysticeti'21.