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3.2 Free Form
 The Flat 

Words by Ria Chauhan
May 2021

A postmodern poem about love and silence inspired by a house with green shutters, rented by Van Gogh in Arles.

I think of a flat – 

empty, silent, quiet, full

our presence is enough


sitting on a long lazy couch

bare legs that don’t touch 

bare hearts that still tangle


glasses empty in the kitchen

with no drinks in them to ease  

our minds are intoxication 


reading books with strictest gaze

words that stretch across the page

no talking yet we harbour love


looking through radiant windows, 

tell me something you’ve told me before 

tell me again – never enough


a yellow house, green windows

starry walls and sunlit floors

warm, slow, intense sky blue 


I think of a flat, I think of you

the flat.jpg

Illustration by Ishani Kamat

About Mysticeti's friends:


Ria Chauhan writes free verse and spends most of her time baking lemon cakes and painting plates.

Ishani Kamat is a textile designer. She loves, materials, graphics and prints.

Mysticeti recommends:

Watching Van Gogh: Painted with Words

Visiting the Van Gogh Museum virtually

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