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You say you want a revolution?

Collage and words by Maira Bose

8 December 2021

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In this gallery, you will find expressions that attempt to understand the relationship between art, activism and social media. It has been inspired by art movements from the past, specifically Dadaism (or Dada), which challenged traditional views about war, class, religion, technology and morals. As a part of the movement, Dada artists would create collages using newspapers and magazines owned by the incumbent leaders, and use them as a medium for communicating ideas about radical communism – thus, attacking a biased system with a distortion of its own propaganda.

For creating You Say You Want a Revolution, I made a collage with artworks (collected from social media platforms) that express solidarity against the adoption of unconstitutional bills.

Represent your identity in a supportive community and feel the power of having agency over exchanging honest narratives.

you say you want a revolution .png
you say you want a revolution .png

Connect with the larger society and become a part of shaping realities for your future. 

Share your expressions about the spirit of resistance and continue to remind us about the essence of being a democracy. 

you say you want a revolution .png

About Mysticeti’s friend:


Maira Bose is a multidisciplinary designer and visual artist. She derives her inspiration from art movements, cultural practices, rock n’ roll and nature. 


The opinions expressed in this publication are those of the artists.

They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of Mysticeti.