4.9 Open Water

Words by Vrinda Chopra
November 2021

How much of what remains of the past, becomes part of who we are?

Sometimes I wish I could erase the past
press delete, watch it disappear like words on a screen.
A blank slate.


the blank slate
a utopian dream.

I hold onto the past 

… as a collection of artefacts
preserved in glass armoires of our minds
faded, forgotten, discarded
occasionally dusted
when I remember times gone by.

… as monuments
erected on my heart and mind
the ruins as
of choices, mistakes and memories.

… as the elements -
wind, ocean, earth, sun,
ground me
with sunshine of happy memories.
Storm clouds of difficult ones.

… as muddled ideas of identity.
Who I am.
Where I came from.
Where will I go?

The past
remains in me

as the liminal space, in-between.


 Illustration by Jishnnu B

About Mysticeti's friends:

Vrinda is a social science researcher who just submitted her PhD thesis for examination. She loves yoga and drawing pictures of her engagement with the world, through a camera lens and the written word.

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