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Little Mysticeti is a space for children to share and explore their hopes, adventures, and ideas through creative writing.


Voice your aspirations and inspire a sense of positivity towards your future


Share curiosities to nurture your spirit of adventure and learning


Exchange ideas to shape initiatives led by your generation

Read Little Mysticeti's Issue 1

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The first issue of Little Mysticeti was written with children between the ages of 6-10 years during online story building sessions in 2021. Click on the image to read the dreams, adventures and ideas of a few children for healing and helping our planet.

Little Mysticeti & Friends

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Little Mysticeti designed activities for children (between the ages of 6-11 years) for encouraging them to understand and share emotions through art and stories. Click on the image to view some creations that we love by the learners at Kenzen School! 


Join Little Mysticeti

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Learn about the many ways to Join Little  Mysticeti!

Activity for July ~

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Spend a few minutes with the night sky every evening and draw your thoughts.

Drawing by Yashi, Age 7

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