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Little Mysticeti is a space for children to share and explore their hopes, adventures, and ideas through creative writing.


Voice your aspirations and inspire a sense of positivity towards your future


Share curiosities to nurture your spirit of adventure and learning


Exchange ideas to shape initiatives led by your generation

Glimpses from Little Mysticeti's Issue 2

Little Mysticeti Issue 2_3.jpg
Little Mysticeti Issue 2_3.JPG
Little Mysticeti Issue 2_2.JPG
Little Mysticeti Issue 2

Little Mysticeti & Friends

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Little Mysticeti designed activities for children (between the ages of 6-11 years) for encouraging them to understand and share emotions through art and stories. Click on the image to view some creations that we love by the learners at Kenzen School! 

Little Mysticeti Magazine_expressions_children.jpg

A collection of vignettes about spaces where we found/find safety, friendship and adventure. These stories have been narrated by adults and children from different ages.


We love how each space is a personification of the narrator's self or is contributing to shaping it. 


Join Little Mysticeti

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Learn about the many ways to Join Little  Mysticeti!

Try this activity ~

kutumb village mysticeti magazine.png

This is a photo from a session that we conducted with the learners at Kutumb Village. Click on the photo to learn more about the activity and try it yourself!

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Artboard 26 copy.png
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