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L I S T E N I N G    R O O M   

Realising the collective power of storytelling.

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A film by Aditee Deore

Khidki is a story about a little girl's wish and her father's hope to make it come true.
Infrastructure | India | Short Film
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The Alien Citizen

Narrated by a member of the Uighur Community

A story about finding freedom while growing up in a country that controls perception, choice and movement.
Human Rights | China | Short Story
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The Other

Words by Amrita

A story about identity, friendship, and tragedy.  
Extremism | India | Short Story
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Red, White and Blue

Narration and pictures by Ching Ching Yang

An account of a walk in Rainbow Village - a rare expression of Taiwanese identity and freedom.
Identity | Taiwan | Photo Essay
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How to Smash the Core of Patriarchy

By the He Says, She Says, They Say podcast

Structures of patriarchy in different countries, and why women in different cultures uphold their society's versions of it.
Patriarchy | Middle East | Coversation
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Forbidden Musings

A poem on misinformation and attacks on free speech. It is inspired by conversations with members of minority communities in China and India.
Free Speech | Verse
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