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Karshni_Mysticeti Magazine

Josephine on the floor

Lyrics by Karshni

Words about revisiting a certain artefact or memory that reminds me of who I am at my very core. 
Self-reflection | Lyrics
Mysticeti MagazineLeft out bobby pins.png

Left out bobby pins

Words by Rushalee Goswami

Thoughts about losing and finding the people we love.
Objects | Memories | Short Story
objectarium mysticeti magazine.PNG

Sugar that leaves a bitter taste

Words by Ananya Surana

A story about the jars in Granny’s old haveli.
Objects | Memories | Short Story
objectarium_mysticeti magazine.jpg


Words by Ananya Surana

A story about a wicker chair stuck in time.
Objects | Family | Short Story
mysticeti magazine_srishti sareen_.JPG

Every Afternoon

Words by Srishti Sareen

A story about lunch breaks, escapes and belonging.
Belonging | Food | Short Story
mysticeti magazine 27.JPG

Kindness on the road

Words by Tarang Mohnot

Memories about people who reminded me to trust the world and find safety outside my home.
Belonging | Travels | Journal
four chambered spaces(s)_mysticeti.PNG

Four Chambered space(s)

Words by Dhyani Parekh

What does it take to feel at home? Read this heartfelt diary entry to find possible answers.
Finding Home | Journal
states(s) of limbo.jpg

States of limbo

Words by Vrinda Chopra

Relive the moments before submitting your thesis for examination
Uncertainties | Journal
The Whites.jpg

The Whites

Words by Srishti Sareen

Have dinner with an amateur food anthropologist
Kitchen | Field Notes
a midnight tale.png

A Midnight Tale

Words by Shreya Shah

Read stories within stories from the hills of Mashobra.
Folk | Himalayas | Short Story
fugitive city.png

Fugitive City

Words by Mitra Visveswaran

A poem about the voice of sudden anger that comes from being trapped inside a dull brain fog.
Daze | Poem
the flat.jpg

The Flat

Words by Ria Chauhan

A poem about love and loss inspired by Van Gogh's paintings.
Van Gogh | Poem


Words by Ayeshaa Mohan

Lines about our dependence on everyday objects for comfort.
Objects | Dependence | Poem


Words by Shombuddha Majumdar

Thoughts inspired by a fresh coat of paint.
Rebirth | Poem
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