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0.1 Expressions
Newness of Being

July 2021


Artwork: Moonflower by Tejal Sharan

Discovery by Ria Chauhan

Consummating life/
Breaking up with life by Neharika Gupta

The butterfly sings for you to wake up and dream of movement as pure as it is painful; with silvery inventions which master creation like a statue bursting forth with rain as pencilled-in prophecies erupt like fireworks in twenty-three new memories which are fragile; inquisitive; and hold themselves up against the sun.
Remembering that, the sky is jealous of the happiness of the eclipse – happy as fingertips reaching for the azure mind of the orange sky where shimmering salts give us space to understand its brightness; it is like expecting someone whose drops of laughter dream out loud for you; pirouetting across like dreams.
The flowers cast a shadow of blood and the lantern spins in the mirror while the calcite unites and the paper ball crumples and uncrumples in the soil; as tea bags of salt whitewash the room; the accuracy of the haunting giving way to shreds of thought like broken music dancing before your eyes.
Supposing… just suppose yellow melancholy raindrops in a second flash like ghosts do on reality; and shock us into believing our kisses are numbered – interrupting the love reverie of the owl in beat to the glory and colour of the stain on the landscape; of the inadequate skeletons of porcelain.

On the path of discovery

I look for a key.


Dipping into a pool for energy 

only to find it replenished

with each touch from me. 

How does this work? 


Scrounging around, and 

puddles keep on growing. 

Now, they seem like the 

perfect spot for growth.


So, I sit bare-feet.

Maybe answers are buried deep in - 

each time I go looking outside 

I somehow heal more from within. 


And flowers bloom

where doubts once loomed 

with each stroke of my hand

my mind eases down.


Don’t pick them it says, 

they are just a part of you. 

All of the blooms, and thorns too. 


Bring some water to the pool instead

and surround yourself. 

The answer sits besides you 

quietly, as it always has.

About Mysticeti's friends:

Neharika Gupta is a poet, fiction author and lifestyle writer based in Delhi. 

Tejal Sharan loves illustrating and believes in the power of visual storytelling in everyday life. 
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Ria Chauhan writes free verse and spends most of her time baking lemon cakes.
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