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Expressing different forms of art

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Mysticeti Magazine_bushra 1

The art of dress making with Bushra Waqas Khan

Bushra Waqas Khan is a printmaker based in Lahore. She works with the patterns of affidavit paper from Pakistan to create miniature dresses. Join Mysticeti for a guided tour of her art.
Tour | Printmaking

A womb-like experience with Maira Bose

Take a walk in this mini-gallery and find beauty in maximalism.
Gallery | Illustration
Devin Osorio_Mysticeti Magazine_Sana Culito de Rana Quadriptych.jpg

Living in a universe held by the ocean with Devin Osorio

Read a letter from Devin Osorio and learn about their paintings and textile works.
Letter | Paintings
Aakash Mehta_What a life_Mysticeti Magazine.png

What a Life

Step on a make-shift stage to revisit forgotten memories and hopes with Aakash Mehta.
Journal | Music
Begum - _Are you ok__ (Album Artwork).JPG

Dreamscape with Begum

Join our conversation with Kartik Pillai, Karan Singh and Dhruv Bhola, and learn about Begum - their alternate dreamscape band. 
Conversation | Music

Make forests with Ditty

Read our conversation with Ditty - an independent artist and urban ecologist whose music is inspired by the natural world. 
Conversation | Music
rugs of war 1.jpg

Rugs of war

An attempt to understand Afghanistan's war rugs with Kevin Sudeith.
Photo Essay | Weaving
Tajdar Junaid.jpg

Reach out with Tajdar Junaid

Join our conversation with Tajdar Junaid and listen to his new track Reach Out with Blackstratblues.
Conversation | Music
mountain hues on terracotta.jpg

Mountain hues on terracotta

Read snippets  from our chat with Shubham at Andretta Pottery – the oldest pottery studio in India. 
Conversation | Pottery

Surfing to our doom with the F16s

Join our conversation with The F16s and find clues to their EP, Is It Time to Eat the Rich Yet?
Clue-hunting | Music
Peter cat recording co.JPG

Happy holidays and fresh cucumbers with Peter Cat Recording Co.

Read our conversation with Peter Cat Recording Co.

and find out why Netflix burnt their carpet

Conversation | Music
Milk Teeth and Yellow Ducks with Shantanu Pandit.png

Milk teeth and yellow ducks with Shantanu Pandit

Take a walk with Shantanu and spot yellow ducks in Delhi.
Conversation | Music
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