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A peek into Mysticeti's sessions with children ~

Mysticeti designs and facilitates sessions on art and storytelling with children between the ages of 6 to 12 years. Though each session has unique outcomes, all of them work towards our objectives of encouraging children to dream, explore and create. 

Email us at to plan an online or in-person session with Mysticeti.

Create your portrait!

Requirements: Blank pages, crayons, pencils and pen

create portrait

Prompt: Why do you look different from everyone? Make a drawing of your face and make it as accurate as possible. What is the shape of your face? What do your eyes and eyebrows look like? Is there anything special about your nose and ears? How many teeth do you have? What is the colour of your skin? 


Once you are happy with your drawing, write 'I am different and I love me' next to your drawing.

mysticeti magazine_portrait 1.jpg
mysticeti magazine_portrait 2.jpg
mysticeti magazine_portrait 3.jpg

Pranya's (age 7) portrait. She loves herself because she can roll back her eye balls and make her nostrils become big and small.

Anupriya's (age 6) portrait

Aradhya's (age 6) portrait

mysticeti magazine_portrait 5.jpg

Dev's (age 6) portrait

mysticeti magazine_portrait 3.jpg

Satvik's (age 7) portrait. He thinks he looks different because his eyes become big when he wears his specs and they become small when he does not wear his specs.

Create an abstract poster about your self

abstract self

Requirement: Blank pages, crayons, scrap material, pencils and pen

Prompt: Think of a word that describes you. Try to think of a word related to your inner self instead of one related to your physical appearance. Does this word remind you of an object, memory, place or being? Make a collage about it with different materials such as leaves, twigs, beads, buttons, scrap paper and anything else that you find!


Suryansh (age 12) thought of the word 'explorer' to define his inner self and created this art of space to represent it.

Ehaan (age 10) thought of the word 'kind' to define his inner self and created this collage of the mountains to represent it.

collage picasso

Make an animal


Requirement: Blank pages, crayons, scrap materials, pencils and pen

Little Mystciceo.jpg

Prompt: Look around you. Do you spot any shapes? Can you think of any shapes that your body is made up of? Now, think of an animal. Can you think of all the shapes that the animal is made of? Draw it. 

Once you are happy with the drawing, use scrap materials to add some colour to your drawing.

Sagar's (age 7) lion

Dyansh's (age 8) fish

night sky

Spend a few nights with the sky

Requirement: A notebook with blank pages, crayons, pencils, apps for introducing astronomy such as Skyscanner

Prompt: Every night, before going to sleep, spend a few minutes looking at the sky from your window, balcony, lawn or terrace. Do you spot a star or a planet that you have not seen before? Can you guess its name (use the app if you need help)? Create a drawing of the night sky along with your new spotting.

Imagine the shapes and patterns that you could create by joining the stars! 

Let's look at what Yashi (age 7) spotted ~

Little Mysticeti_night sky.jpg

Yashi spotted the Orion, Big Dipper, Saturn, Mars and an unknown green planet in the night sky. Maybe she discovered a new planet before our scientists!

future poster

Create a poster of the future

Requirement: A blank sheet of paper (any size), colours

Prompt: Can you imagine what the world would look like in 2050? Will we have more machines and innovations? What would our phones look like? Will we be able to teleport from one place to another?

Think of an innovation that you would like to create to help nature in 2050. Create a drawing or story about it.

Let's see what Arya (age 11) created ~

Arya created shoes with a mini helicopter engine. With her shoes, she would be able to fly and water all the trees in her city.

Little Mysticeti Issue 2
hybrid animal

Create your own hybrid animals

Requirement: A blank sheet of paper (any size), colours

Prompt: Think of your favourite animals. Try to combine some of their characteristics to make your own imaginary friend. 

Let's see what Akshat (age 9), Lavanya (age 12) and Prakriti (age 11) created ~

Little Mysticeti Issue 2_3.JPG

Akshat's Dino-dinosaur can walk on land with the help of its strong legs and tail. It can also float on water with its round tummy which makes its body buoyant.

image_6483441 (1).JPG
mysticeti magazine_rabbit

Prakriti's Peabbit is a small anf fluffy bunny that can spread its wings to dance like a peacock when it rains.

Lavanya's Deko is a snake that can fly as high as the mountains.

Write a time capsule

time capsule

Requirement: Blank sheet of paper (any size), pencils, pens

Prompt: Can you imagine what you would look like when you are 25 years old? How would you spend most of time? Will you have any hobbies? What kind of a person would you grow up to become? 

mysticeti magazine_diary.JPG

Aradhya's (age 13) timecapsule ~

I will continue to have long hair and big eyes. I will be taller and will probably wear loose clothes, a watch and have many piercings.

I will have a job (not sure what). But when I will have holidays, I will travel and learn about the culture and history of many places. My home will be in a peaceful hill and I will decorate it with my own DIYs.

I will be calm and have positive thoughts. And I think I will be an introvert.


Finding Me

Finding Me is a peek into a child's world. It prompts young readers to think beyond their everyday reality, and form meaningful relationships with themselves and their surroundings. It creates a space for children to bring imagination and hope into their reality through art and storytelling.


Finding Me is a limited-edition book by Mysticeti which will be distributed in art and community spaces, encouraging children to believe in themselves.

Finding Me_Mysticeti Magazine.png

About Mysticeti's friends ~

Stuti Sareen


Stuti created Mysticeti. She is an art educator, storyteller and a researcher. She lives in Varanasi and spends most of her time designing creative activities with children. Her work has been featured by The New Yorker, MAP Bangalore, UNICEF and The Hindu, among others.

Kenzen School

Mysticeti's Partner


Kenzen School is an alternative education primary school in Varanasi. Founded in 2011, it cultivates the love for learning, exploring and dreaming in children.

Museum of Art and Photography (MAP) Bangalore



MAP Bangalore is one of the first digital art & photography museums in India providing unlimited access to the world of Indian art and culture. Mysticeti collaborated with MAP Bangalore to facilitate the session on Hybrid Animals with the children of Kenzen School

Anushree Joshi

Sketch note artist


Anushree is an interaction designer and visual artist based in Ahemdabad. She is currently exploring storytelling through art for children.

Vishnu Baiju



Vishnu is a fine arts graduate. He lives in Trivandrum and spends most of his time experimenting on various mediums to make art. He is currently in love with 2D animation.

Shilpa Sivaraman



Shilpa is a graduate of the University of Edinburgh. She lives in Scotland, where she spends most of her time curating an art gallery.

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