4.2 Open Water
Beige Safari Suit

Unedited words by Stuti Sareen
July 2021

Verse about a century-old box of lacquer

I like to think that 

in a study room somewhere in the hills of Himachal,

my grandfather sits with lamps in the 1940s

and seals a letter with his classy stamp 

addressed to where I now am. 


I like to think that 

he got his reverse initials stamped

from a blacksmith on the next hill,

where he picked his lacquer from.


As I wonder why his pencil says Kutab Munar,

I pretend to peel a letter from him 

and I melt the century-old lacquer 

which smells like mud and wood after rain 

just like his safari suit hanging next to the wall.

Illustration by Jishnnu B

beige safari suit.png
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